Jual LCD ipad 2 Original

Rp 550.000

LCD iPad 2



Original Apple Parts

7 days warranty

Compatible For iPad 2


Jual LCD ipad 2 Original


Jual LCD ipad 2 Original

LCD iPad 2

Original Apple Parts

7 days warranty

Compatible For iPad 2




Part: Apple iPad 2 replacement LCD screen

Manufacturer: (Apple)

Condition: Factory new



Apple iPad 2 3G & Wi-Fi

Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi

Package: Apple iPad 2 replacement LCD panel

What is an LCD?
The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) displays the image on your phone using the same technology as most flat screen TV’s. LCD units are generally very fragile and susceptible to damage.

Common faults / issues with LCDs include:

  • Screen looking washed out, very dull colours and less clarity then usual
  • Dead pixels – When a ¬†pixel on the LCD no longer works, usually visible on a white background it will be a tiny black square
  • Stuck Pixel – When a pixel is stuck on a colour, usually visible on any background and will generally be stuck on white, green, blue or red.
  • No backlight – When the back light on the LCD fails the picture can be very hard to see.
  • Lines on the LCD – these can be a verity of coloured lines displaying horizontally or vertically
  • Damaged LCD, generally damaged LCDs can be bruised, cracked or “bleeding” when a black liquid is visible over the picture
  • In modern touch screen devices digitizers are fitted over the LCD and respond to touch, these are separate to the LCD, replacing the LCD wont cure issues with the touch panel.
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What tools will you need?

For this item we recommend:

Universal screw driver set


iSesamo open tool





iPad Display Replacement Videos

Based on hands-on experience, if you have replaced the LCD on a notebook computer successfully, you likely can replace the LCD on an iPad as well, but it definitely is not an easy fix. Please note that replacing the iPad glass cover, digitizer or display — or any combination thereof — is difficult and hiring a professional is strongly recommended.

However, for those not discouraged from the challenge, the below videos from RepairsUniverse document the repair procedure for both the original iPad and the iPad 2:

Original iPad (A1219 & A1337)

iPad 2 (A1395, A1396 & A1397)

Ultimately, from watching these videos, you should be able to determine whether or not you would feel comfortable replacing the display yourself or would instead prefer to hire a professional.

Site sponsor Mission Repair offers free hardware diagnosis and affordable iPad repair service by mail in addition to parts for those with previous experience replacing the display in similar devices.

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