Cara Pasang Rubber Feet MacBook

pasang rubber feet macbook



WarningThe glue used in this procedure can bond instantly to skin. Do not touch the glue. In the event of contact, review the safety instructions at the end of this document. For additional information, refer to the glue manufacturer: Rocky Hill, CT. 06067

Cara Pasang Rubber Feet MacBook

Rubber Feet untuk MacBook 2008 2014
Rubber Feet untuk MacBook 2008 2014


Do not use any other type of glue except the one included in the foot replacement kit. Fumes from other types of glue could affect other internal components.

    1. Place the computer upside down on a clean, lint-free cloth or other nonabrasive surface. Remove the bottom case.
    2. Using the Phillips 00 screwdriver, remove the bottom case by removing 10 screws. Important:Screws at sides and front must be removed and installed at an angle.
    3. Gently pull the bottom case from the side the display hinges are on and lift upwards at an angle.
    1. Make sure the foot area on the bottom case is clean and free of debris. If any portion of the foot adhesive remains, peel it up with a pair of tweezers.
    1. Clean both sides of the bottom case around the foot area. Allow the alcohol to evaporate.
    1. Peel the outer foot from its packaging and affix it firmly to the bottom case. Do not use the glue to adhere the outer foot to the bottom case. Avoid touching the adhesive backing.
    1. Use a paperclip or safety pin to open the glue nozzle. A paperclip or safety pin can also unplug the glue nozzle after storage. Apply a very small drop of glue on the bottom of the foot on the inner bottom case. Do not spread the glue.    jual rubber feet – Cara Pasang Rubber Feet MacBook
    1. Seat the plug onto the glued area.

    1. Do not use your finger to press the foot plug down. Use the wooden end of a cotton swab to press the foot plug into place. Lightly press and hold the foot in place for 30 seconds.

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    1. Clean any excess glue with a cotton dry swab. Important: Do notwipe the glue;use the cotton dry swab to absorb any excess glue. Excess puddled glue may take hours to dry and may cause the bottom case to adhere to the logic board or interior cabling.

    1. Using a timer, allow the glue to set for at least 60 minutes before applying the foot plug cover over the foot plug. Important: If laser etching is visible by the foot area, do not use the foot plug cover. Laser etching will normally be found on the left-rear foot area.

  1. Reassembly Note: Install screws in order shown. If sequence is not followed, bottom case might wobble when placed on level surface.
Cara Pasang Rubber Feet MacBook
Rubber Feet untuk MacBook 2008 2014